Stories told by Śrīla Prabhupāda
by: Suhotra Svāmī

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1Close the door
2Increasing the fever
3The missionary and the coalminers
4Only a lazy man cannot cook
5Scissor philosophy
6The yogi’s wager
7The old lady’s blessing
8The worthless worshipper of Kali
9Smoking ganja through a friends hand
10The Himalayas give birth
11The cat in the basket
12The devotee who kept his tilak
13The Navab chandelier
14The ax and a tree
15Hardwar Basta
16The man who wouldn’t change his word
17Deaf man
18God and I are one
19Hunter chasing a fox
20The old man, the young boy and a donkey
21Two sadhus who were walking on the road, they came to a river
22The logical bull
23The brahmana who knew many languages
24Two frogs who by accident fell into a pot of milk
25The boy who would not give up sweets
26A hunter who wanted to practice shooting
27A man chopping wood in the forest
28An old man who is addicted to sinful activity
29A man who was to get a heart transplant
30The beggar came to the house of a king
31Judge who was overseeing one court case
32A man who tried to cheat Yamaraja
33Gopal goes to the heavenly planets
34Story about the gurkas
35The man who lost his hat
36Every man is too attached
37One nice story about envious nature
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