Śikṣā outside ISKCON?
por: Śivarāma Svāmī

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PART ONE - The Tradition of Śikṣā-guru         
         What is Śikṣā?
         What is a Śikṣā-guru?
         There Are Many Śikṣā-gurus
         The Śikṣā-guru’s Relationship to Other Gurus
         Selecting a Guru
PART TWO - Application in ISKCON         
         Śikṣā-gurus in Prabhupāda’s Time
         After Prabhupāda’s Disappearance
PART THREE - Doubts and Answers         
         Dobut 1
         Dobut 2
         Dobut 3
         Dobut 4
         Dobut 5
         Dobut 6
         Dobut 7
         Dobut 8
         Dobut 9
         Dobut 10
         Dobut 11
         Dobut 12
         Dobut 13
         Dobut 14
         Dobut 15
PART FOUR - Summary and Conclusions         
         The Tradition of Śikṣā
         Śikṣā for ISKCON
         Final Questions
         Last Words
         A Letter
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