Mahābhārata The History of the Great India
by: Śrīla Vyasādeva

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1Karna's Birth
2Kunti's Marriage
3Pandus Conquest
4Gandhari Gives Birth
5Pandu s Deadly Mistake
6The Birth of the Pandavas
7Life in Hundred Peaks
8King Pandu's Request
9Sons of the Gods
10The birth of the children of Madrid
11The Brahmana's Curse Fulfilled
12The Funeral of Pandu and Madri
13The Oldest Ascetic Speaks
14Pandu's Relatives Grieve
15Satyavati's Renunciation
16The Seeds of Duryodhana's Hatred
17The Story Of Krpa
18Santanu Finds The Twins
19Drona, Master Of Military Science
20Drona Meets Parasurama
21Drona meets Drupada
22The Pandavas Accept Drona As Their Teacher
23The Story Of Ekalavya
24Do You See The Bird?
25Drona Awards Arjuna The Brahmastra
26Ekalavya's Fault
27The Military Exhibition
28The Young Men Show Their Skills
29Awesome Arjuna
30Karna, The Uninvited Guest
31Karna s Coronation
32Duryodhana becomes angry
33Drupada Captured
34Duryodhana Petitions His Father
35The Pandavas Depart For Varanavata
36The Fire At Varanavata
37Vidura's Warning
38Arrival In Varanavata
39The Excavator
40The House Of Lac Burns
41The Citizen's Anger
42On The Run
43Bhima Fights The Man-Eater
44Bhima's Lament
45Hidimba, The Man-Eater
46The Man-Eater's Challenge
47Bhima's Insults
48The Deadly Fight
49Bhima's Celestial Travels
50The Hairless Son
51Meeting Vyasadeva
52The Brahmana's Dilemma
53Bhima Frees Ekacakra
54Yudhisthira Protests
55Bhima Confronts Baka
56The Birth of Draupadi
57The Rivalry of Drona and Drupada
58Drona Seeks Revenge
59King Drupada Serves the Sages
60The Sacrifice Yields Children
61Arjuna Fights A Celestial Being
62Meeting with Vyasadeva
63The Gandharva's Challenge
64The Gandharva's Gifts
65The Gandharva's Instructions
66The Quest for Draupadi s Hand
67Arrival in Drupada's Kingdom
68The Opulence of the Arena
69Draupadi's Arrival
70The Proud Young Kings
71The Pride-Crushing Bow
72Arjuna Wins Draupadi
73An Easy Task For Arjuna
74The Kings Protest
75Bhima And Arjuna Protect Drupada
76Karna Fights With Arjuna
77Five Husbands For Draupadi
78Krsna Meets the Pandavas
79Dhrstadyumna Listens In
80Drupada Hears the Report
81The Proposed Marriage Challenged
82Drupada Prepares a Test
83The Pandavas In the Palace
84Drupada Questions the Marriage
85Srila Vyasadeva Arrives
86Draupadi Marries The Five Pandavas
87Kunti Blesses Draupadi
88Lord Krsna's Gifts
89Karna Wants War
90Vidura Informs Dhrtarastra
91Duryodhana's Schemes
92Karna's Opinion
93Wise Advice from the Kuru Elders
94Drona Concurs
95The Power of Destiny
96The Wisdom of Vidura
97The Pandavas Get a Kingdom
98Vidura's Message
99Arrival in Hastinapura
100The Pandavas Build Indraprastha
101Narada's Arrival
102Narada's Request
103Arjuna's Intrusion
104Arjuna meets Lord Krsna
105The festival at Raivataka Mountain
106The kidnapping of the princess Subhadra
107Lord Balarama Speaks
108Princess Subhadra's Dowry
109Krsna Comes to Indraprastha
110Presenting the Dowry
111Wonderful Abhimanyu
112The Sons of Draupadi
113Invincible Weapons For Krsna and Arjuna
114The Excursion
115The Fire-god's Request
116The Mighty Weapons
117The Astonishing Royal Hall
118Lord Krsna Leaves for Dvaraka
119Maya Travels to Bindu-Saras
120Maya's Construction
121The Obstacle to the Royal Sacrifice
122Jarasandha s Alliances*
123Krishna's plan
124Entering Jarasandha's Kingdom
125Receiving the "Brahmanas"
126Challenge Accepted
127Bhima fights Jarasandha
128The Fight Begins
129Jarasandha Torn Apart
130The Great Chariot
131Return to Indraprastha
132Assembling for the Rajasuya Sacrifice
133Exalted Priests
134The Sacrifice Begins
135The Great Kings Arrive
136Residences for Royalty
137The Most Honorable Person on Earth
138Extraordinary Opulence
139Lord Krsna Receives First Worship
140Sisupala's Rage
141Yudhisthira and Bhisma Reply
142Sahadeva's Challenge
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