Light of the Bhāgavata
by: Śrīla Prabhupāda

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1The arrival of clouds
2The scorching heat of the sun
3Clouds gradually cover the surface of the earth
4After heavy rain showers
5The evening in the rainy season
6On hearing the sound of the torrential rains
7The small rivulets
8The colorful greenery of the newly grown grass
9A picturesque scene of green paddy fields
10Just as a living being
11In the rainy season
12The mountains
13Some of the roads are not frequently used
14The lightning becomes unsteady
15In the midst of the thunder in the cloudy sky
16By the grace of the moonlight
17When the clouds appear in the sky
18Many plants and creepers
19A crane stands on the edge of a pond
20Fierce torrents of rain break over the strands
21The wind carries the clouds to different parts of the globe
22After the complete rainy season
23The cows that followed the Lord
24When the Lord entered the forest of Vṛndāvana
25The Lord reciprocated the feelings of the inhabitants of the forest of Vṛndāvana
26The Lord enjoyed in the company of Lord Baladeva and the other cowherd boys
27The grazing ground for the animals was full of green pasture
28The fully beautiful scenery after the rainy season
29Thus the rainy season came to an end
30In autumn all the reservoirs of water become enriched with growing lotuses
31The four prominent features of autumn
32The beautiful white clouds
33There are waterfalls flowing from the hills of the forest
34Small pools of water accumulate during the rainy season
35When the small pools of water become too hot
36With the progress of the autumn season
37With the inauguration of the autumn season
38After the rainy season
39In the autumn there is a gulf of difference between the day and the night
40In the clear autumn sky
41In the clear sky of autumn
42At night in autumn the atmosphere is pleasant
43In the autumn season all the birds, beasts, and men become sexually disposed
44In the autumn season all the reservoirs of water are full of lotus flowers
45After the new grains were cut and brought home from the paddy fields
46The merchants, preachers, kings, and students
47From the Transcendence, which is called Kṛṣṇaloka
48The moon, or Candraloka
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