por: Hṛdayānanda dāsa Gosvāmī

    Index        Descripction    
1. Introduction         
         Historical Moments for Non-GBC Help
         Unity in Diversity
         Prabhupada’s Will and the GBC
         Danger on Both Sides
         Engaging Scholarship to Understand ISKCON
         The Term Political
2. Routinization of Charisma         
         Three Forms of Social Authority
         Charismatic Authority
         Routinizing Charisma
         Traditional and Rational-Legal Authority
3. GBC as Heirs         
         GBC Self-Understanding
         Problems with GBC Self-Understanding
4. GBC Traits         
         Interpreting the Mandate
         Danger of Bureaucratic Tyranny
             1. Management Hierarchy and Spiritual Hierarchy
             2. Decreasing Empathy
             3. The Iron Law of Oligarchy
             4. Sadhu Burnout
         Austere and Pious Tyranny
         Follow vs Imitate
5. Justice         
         Justice Needed for Social Stability
         Justice Linked to Ethics, Morality
         Justice linked to equality
         Krishna Acts Justly
         Equality and Hierarchy
         Types of Justice
         Blindfolded Justice
6. ISKCON/GBC Law         
         Law and Language
         Other Key Words
         Justice in GBC Law
         GBC Law 4.4.2 Justice Ministry
         GBC Law 17.1-2 Justice
7. Unequal Law         
         Discipline of Devotees in General
         Discipline of Lesser ISKCON leaders
         Discipline of Regional Secretaries, RGB
         Discipline of GBCs, Compared to Temple Presidents
         Conduct and Discipline of Dīkṣā Gurus
         Regional Governing Board (RGB) Members
         GBC Conduct
         Compare Laws for GBCs and Gurus
8. Appeal in GBC Laws         
         Recourse and Appeal for Ordinary devotees?
         GBC Admission of Flawed Law Doesn’t Fix It
         Stifling Debate Through Outdated Law
         GBC Does Not Publish Self-disciplinary Rules
9. Understanding ISKCON Lines of Authority         
         Public Reason
         Two Visions of ISKCON
         UILA Seems to Favor Controlled Society
         GBC Subordinating Language
         Nourishing Bhakti
         UILA Undermines Preachers’ Autonomy
         Sannyāsīs Not in Management Hierarchy
         Freedom in Devotional Service
         Feudal ISKCON?
10. GBC and Philosophy         
         GBC and Philosophy
             1. Fanaticism
             2. Corruption
             3. Incompetence
         Avoiding the GBC Word
         Social Contract vs. Tyranny
         The Vanishing Reference Point
11. Constitution         
         Prabhupada Calls for an ISKCON Constitution
         What is a Constitution?
         Purpose Six, Devotee Rights, Unfulfilled
         Four Conflicting Core Principles
         Other Articles Give No Rights
         Limited Call for Feedback
         Proposed Social Contract
12. IR and IDRO         
         ISKCON Resolve (IR)
         IDRO, ISKCON Dispute Resolution Office
13. Conclusion         
         Summary of ISKCON’s GBC
         Why Justice?
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