1008 Ways to Remember Srila Prabhupada
by: Govinda dāsi

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1Preachers everywhere
3Slug love
4You drive too?
5Brown rice is for animals
6Wild kirtans
7Cow-hooves clapping
8Roses everywhere
9Baked potato
10Soap suds and duds
11Brahmacari Lessons
12Serving servants
13Krsna will protect you
14The day you left
15Neem Toothbrush
16Vyasa Puja - Western Style
18Hawaii 1969
19Bed Bugs bite
20I know your mind
21Goloka and Montreal
22December 14th, 1967
23Govind dasi - you have taken your sari?
24Montreal 1968, summer time
25Cathedral Visits
26The church wax museum
27Sex is sex
28Just going to the bank
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